Sashin Govender Is The Prodigy For Direct Sales

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Sashin Govender Is The Prodigy For Direct Sales

June 08
14:41 2020
Sashin Govender Is The Prodigy For Direct Sales

Who would have thought a twenty six year old with no formal education, no qualifications, never worked a day in a 9-to-5 job, growing up in a third world country, South Africa where the average income is approximately $200-$300 per month is now the voice and prodigy for the sales industry.

Ceo and founder of The Millionaire Student, which has become the go to community for entrepreneurs in ninety countries, Sashin Govender has broken the mold and re-created systems, sales self-development mentorship programs, master classes, and live events to allow entrepreneurs to disrupt and dominate today’s generation of sales whether it be traditional offline or the new way of online.

From studying self-development at a tender age of eight years old to now becoming the voice of direct sales, Sashin is not your typical motivational, inspirational, or online guru who has not walked the talk. Before he became the voice he contributed more than one billion dollars in total sales in his first company, which contributed to them becoming the number one company in their niche, to show his mentees how consistent and simple the formula, and skills are, he formulated more than ten new companies in 2019 and disrupted each of their industries.

NBC asked Sashin, what makes you different from everyone else?

Sashin: “My unique point is that I had an advantage of my parents introducing me to self-development at eight years old and I executed it at eighteen years old when I partnered up with my first company. If you met me when I was eight years old you would notice I was an average individual, I came from an average background, with an above average mindset and work ethic. I built my first company six different times using the same skill set to get to where I am. It’s skills that most people overlook because they are brainwashed to learn how to do it and not why they are doing it. I understood the psychology and art behind why I was doing it rather than robotically just doing it.”

NBC: What is your most recommended program for those in sales?

Sashin: “Without a doubt, everyone should get their hands on Virtual Upline Mentor (V.U.M). It’s a fourteen-day mentorship program where I teach you the skills that I executed for eight years. If I gave you the winning lotto numbers, would you take the ticket? Of course, it’s a no brainer. Well, Virtual Upline Mentor is that winning lotto ticket. Whether you’re making nothing or five, six, seven, or even eight figures, this program will elevate your top line. Go purchase it from and if you feel I wasted your time after fourteen days my support team will refund you back your money, that’s how confident I am.”

26-year-old business mogul and now “the voice and prodigy for direct sales” has been endorsed by legends in the sales industry. The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort said “Sashin is one of the best leaders, communicators, and closers in the direct sales industry. I was featured on his show, The Millionaire Student Show.” And Marc Accettawho has produced four billion dollars in sales said, “Working with Sashin is exhilarating! I met him as a 15 year old hungry teenager and have seen him evolve into one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the world today.”

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