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November 14
01:09 2019 Finds Rally Health a Great Resource in Health Care Information

Your head sinks into the soft pillow and the busyness of the day begins to melt away, then it happens. You begin thinking of your impossibly long to-do list for tomorrow, adding items to it by each tick of the clock. A time that should be used to recharge and rest from a full day’s schedule is so easily transformed into a time of tension and stress. realizes that while the mind is where this out of control to-do list begins its troublesome work, the body will many times experience the consequences of stress also.

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can be a body’s response to stress. It creates damage on on many levels. Some find they wake up with headaches or jaw aches and pain in the morning following a night of grinding or clenching their teeth as they sleep. The grinding can damage teeth, requiring filling or even extractions. Unfortunately, fillings and dental work are at risk when teeth grinding continues, creating a vicious cycle. Sleep apnea issues may also be aggravated when teeth are clenched and ground. Many articles discussing concerns and options when dealing with teeth grinding can be found at places like Rally Health.

While an unbalanced bite can cause teeth grinding as the jaw muscles seek a comfortable position in relaxation, you can easily find yourself Taking stress out on your teeth. Mouth guards used overnight have proven to be helpful for some, though they may not solve the problem completely. This article is a fantastic read referencing a number of options in controlling teeth grinding. When stress is the reason behind teeth grinding, it is important to identify and address the root of the stress. Without intentional focus, stress tends to feed on itself and become a monster that is never satiated. While dealing with stress head on, an increase in healthy lifestyle choices and habits will become a hedge of protection.

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