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Globaltrade, go bigger with Gcoin and USDG

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Globaltrade, go bigger with Gcoin and USDG

November 12
19:22 2019
Globaltrade, go bigger with Gcoin and USDG

Russia – November 12, 2019 – Cryptocurrencies and basic blockchain technology have enormous potential, something we still do not understand and understand. The picture is getting clearer and we are pleased to meet with Chairman of G5 financial group to better understand Globaltrade and its promising cryptocurrency: G-coin

Today’s interview with Mr. J. Trosky about G-coin will reveal most and reveal the completely different future of G-coin.

The cryptocurrency industry has entered a new phase of development.

In Brazil: The Brazilian Institute of Statistics and Geography (IBGE) reports that the total inflation rate over the past 12 months has reached 4.58% (in the spring of 2019). At the same time, news that the volume of transactions on Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges has increased sharply to 100,000 BTC appears.

The growing interest of the community is associated with a lot of positive news in the market. Such as Facebook Libra coin and approval of the first contracts to provide physical futures for Bitcoin’s SEC, the release of natural cryptocurrencies by large companies like JPMorgan, as well as the use of world banks use Ripple

What about G-coin?

My partner and I first became interested in cryptocurrencies in early 2012. The more we study the problem, the more we understand that cryptocurrencies are a very promising area that can change the entire world of finance. It took a year to implement our plan to launch G-coin

For me – our success is a combination of several factors: including enthusiastic professionals, we are completely open to our community and customer care is one of our priorities major in the company and now we continue to grow and quickly gain momentum.


GCoin is an ERC20 cryptocurrency, which ensures security and comes with a much more advanced smart contract system than the current smart contract.


– ISSUED 10 YEARS, 25% FINAL.  2022: 5%, 2024: 5% , 2026: 5%,  2028: 5%,  2030: 5%


Price stabilization plan

If you pay attention to how we use Gcoin 1 very reasonable way, as follows: the percentage of sharing the number of coins is extremely fair and equally to the community and we leverage for a quarter of the total coin.

Therefore, we guarantee only 5% – 10% of priority for early investors. After that, the community will accept slowly. The demand of G-coin will increase in a controlled level. Prices are fair for all

Plan for price schedule

G-coin will go from 1 to 10 USD, the route will definitely take place in the coming year.

Pre-sale: 1 $ (250,000). Private-sale: $ 1.5 (250,000). Ico: 2 $ -4 $ (total 1,000,000)

Listed on the internal exchange: $ 6

Listed on international exchanges: $ 10

Plan to burn coins against inflation

Cryptocurrencies are not the first to discover burning coins as a concept. In fact, the process is very similar to the idea of ​​a publicly traded company acquiring stocks. Such companies use cash on hand to buy back shares of common shares, thus reducing the total number of outstanding shares. This process helps reinforce the value of stocks still in circulation and can also help improve earnings per share; with fewer outstanding shares, the net earnings per share ratio becomes higher.

Burning a certain amount of coins will have the same effect as promoting the overall value of that coin to all who hold it. By reducing the supply of one coin, the remaining amount in circulation will become scarcer and from there its value will increase.

Plan of application into ecosystem and USDG release

Exactly in the last month of 2020, we will announce the satellite community strategy 5.0. That’s why Global Trade opened a G5 of the IPO of financial technology in Australia and the US stock market before announcing its satellite community strategy for a month. In addition, through the IPO activities will create favorable conditions to increase the presence, prestige and public image of the company for developing countries, increase sales and profits of the company.

Long-term plans for the following years are well prepared, such as issuing credit for Gcoin and USDG, and opening 1,000 ATM exchange points for GCARD credit cards by 2021. In the next year, opening 3,000 payment points for GCOIN and USDG, in addition we also plan to open an e-commerce trading platform based on blockchain platform.

Our plan will be implemented until 2023 with the goal of setting up the GMOBILE telecommunication network and opening health care devices based on payment platform with Gcoin and USDG. And until 2024, we will pass on that valuable knowledge to the next generation by opening an artificial intelligence technology institute to provide the younger generation with a solid foundation to build and grow. They are stronger, while we will build an artificial intelligence consultancy and investment center for transactions with Gcoin and USDG

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