Your Moon Time An Online Business Offering Reusable And Sustainable Period Products That Ensures Comfort And Relaxation For Women

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Your Moon Time An Online Business Offering Reusable And Sustainable Period Products That Ensures Comfort And Relaxation For Women

November 04
23:18 2019
Disposable pads and panties contribute a lot to the degradation of the environment. Your Moon Time is offering a collection of period panties that are simple to wear and eco-friendly.

Queensland, Australia – Every month, more than two billion women from across the world experience a menstrual period. When the amount of disposable sanitary pads used is calculated, it can be overwhelming to see how much negative impact it is contributing to the environment.

Your Moon Time is a company that is dedicated to providing period products that support sustainable living, for modern women. These are products that are reusable and at the same time comfortable, easy to use, and they promote a high level of hygiene.

The company offers a number of re-usable items including menstrual underwear, menstrual cup, yoni eggs, pads, and liners. Each item is designed to deliver its own value for the user and ensure a simplistic and comfortable lifestyle.

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Sustainable period panties are an essential commodity in the modern world. As populations grow, there is a need to adopt reusable and recyclable menstrual products that reduce waste and help save the planet.

Your Moon Time is one of the top companies in the world with the desire to find ways to transform the way women live their lives, especially when it comes to monthly menstrual periods.

They offer two types of menstrual underwear which include 3pcs or 1pc that are clean, comfortable, fun, and can accommodate fluid of up to 20ml without any leakage. Women can also make use of reusable organic sanitary pads, made of cotton and bamboo.

These items offer many benefits including natural deodorization and anti-bacterial features. They also come with powerful features like external waterproof coating and construction specifically made to prevent leakage.

Yoni eggs are magical crystals loaded with powerful energies to help strengthen vaginal muscle and reduce the risk of leakages. Your Moon Time’ collection of yoni eggs includes Jade Stone, Rose Quartz Stone, Amethyst Stone, Black Obsidian, and Opalite. These stones are not just reusable but are filled with spiritual enlightenment and qualities that improve the life of a woman.

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