Why it Pays to Count the Cost of Professional Dental Cleaning

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Why it Pays to Count the Cost of Professional Dental Cleaning

October 23
20:18 2019

While few would argue that regular teeth cleaning is key in maintaining good oral health, it is often the case that poor technique or busy lifestyles cause this commitment to slip, exposing teeth and gums to the risks of disease and decay. Professional cleaning is available from many dental clinics and although many people may question the need for it, the occasional session can make all the difference to oral health.

An oral health specialist will carry out a thorough clean, which helps get round issues caused by people applying too much pressure with the brush, which can lead to bleeding gums and gum recession, or a tendency to rush the clean, causing areas to be missed. Regular occurrence of these issues will likely lead to plaque build-up – and if this is substantial, it is often already too late to avoid the consequences.

Of course, there is a dental cleaning cost involved – but it is worth weighing this financial cost against the cost of poor oral health. Widespread tooth loss and painful gum disease are no substitute for financial outlay, and Osmin Denture Clinic, a Toronto clinic that provides professional teeth cleaning, has collated on its website a comprehensive overview of the price of regular professional cleaning.

While it can vary depending on the type of cleaning required, the price of regular cleans is likely to be covered by most insurance plans, although some plans may have a cap. Regular cleans without x-rays can be $75 to $200, although wider figures narrow this down to an average of around $80 to $175. Including x-rays increases the cost to an average of $114 to $320.

Deep cleaning is more expensive but provides a more robust level of cleaning, involving scaling and root planning. Taken at a quadrant at a time, the cost can be $100 to $450, while a full mouth job can be anywhere from $500 to $4,000. If antibiotics are needed, the cost can increase by $35 to $85 per tooth – and if a large amount of cleaning is required, this will again impact on the cost.

A full-mouth debridement might be needed if there is an excessive build-up of plaque, tartar, or bacteria – this procedure involves this build-up being cut away from underneath or around the gum line. The average cost of this is around $1,257, although if it is covered by insurance this can come down to $74 to $150.Periodontal maintenance is the most expensive, largely because the health risks of periodontal disease are very severe – in some cases leading to diabetes, heart disease and even dementia. A full-mouth treatment has an average cost of $3,600, which includes anaesthetics, and after this patients can undergo regular maintenance treatments at $115 a time.

The Osmin Denture Clinic has a team of oral health specialists that can carry out a thorough clean of teeth and gums, focusing on the removal of plaque, tartar and stains. The clinic also offers a free initial denture and dental health consultation.

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